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Managing you property at your comfort


Paying Rent in 3 Easy Steps


Easiest way to get the best available units


Rent to Bank

Real Time rent payment via M-Pesa or M-banking payment and settlement to landlords bank account


Automated QR coded e-Receipt on all tenant\’s payments saving you paper and time


Know Your Tenant

Conduct due diligence on all your customers thorough our inbuilt KYT system

Vacant Listing

Automated posting of vacant rental units to mrent.ke listing. Meaning less vacant units


Save money and time by managing your rental properties for the following benefits;

  • QR Coded Receipt for tenants on each payment
  • Secure payments to bank account
  • Convenient & Easy to use
  • Save time in rent collection
  • Reduce operation costs of manual filling
  • Accuracy of rent collection records
  • Reliable and Accurate financial and other reports
  • Managing your tenants issues interactively and online


Our Mission

To provide the market with convenient real estate solutions.


Our Vision

To be the trusted world class source of innovative real estate solutions, transforming the customer experience.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How do I get started?
You can enroll online going to http://owner.mrent.ke/signup as a property owner tenants will get SMS notifications Or, please call 0780310021 Monday-Saturday (8.00 Am to 5:30 PM) our Help line Email [email protected] anytime.

2. Why does my business need M-rent?
Because tenants are demanding the convenience of paying bills online, and if you don’t provide the service your competitors will. M-rent makes it easy to accept online payment, and at the same time we reduce your payment processing costs. Many other industries have already adopted the practice of accepting credit card and online payments because it has been proven that these practices improve cash flow, reduce collection costs, enhance your business image, increase revenue and provide their clients with the convenience and flexibility they want.

3. Do I need any hardware, software, or IT support?
No, there is no additional hardware, software or IT support required. Simple set up and system integration.

4. Do I need training?
M-rent is extremely easy-to-use. The system has been designed to be intuitive and we provide online support with step-by-step instructions that while you are using the system.

5. Can I use my own bank or do I need to switch anything?
No need to change anything. M-rent will interface directly with your existing bank accounts.

6. How will I receive my funds?
For M-Pesa and Mobile Banking the money is transferred in realtime directly to your account

7. How do I know when my customer has paid or when a transaction has cleared?
M-rent provides you with an easy to read summary of all transactions processed, their status and confirmation of the payment being processed. Additionally, you can view a payment history for each of your tenants within m-rent and the tenants receive a QR enabled receipt.

8.What are the costs?
There is a flat cost of 3.5% per with an options of additional services with a bouquet of services included.
Any and all processing fees may be paid by the tenant, owner or property Management Company.
If you’re looking to maximize the use of electronic payments, then we recommend that the owner incur the processing fees. This has been the proven method to increase tenant utilization of the service, resulting in significant savings compared to traditional processing of paper checks. You may also choose to pass the some fees along to the tenants in the form of a convenience fee especially for utility and simple internal maintenance .and utilize this service at zero cost to the owner or property Management Company.

9.Is customer support available?
Yes. M-rent customer support is available from online and at 0780310021 and customer support is available 24/7

10.How will our tenants find out about this service?
M-rent helps market the online payment service to your tenants. We support the drive for tenants to adopt the use of this service by providing information directly to your tenants and materials for you to use to market the service to your tenants.

11.Does this service integrate with accounting software?
Yes. The data generated through the use of this service can be easily integrated with most popular accounting software platforms. Mrent is also a one stop rental management accounting product

12.Can I save money by using M-rent?
Absolutely! Customers achieve considerable cost savings after switching to M-rent these customers are able to save money by greatly reducing the time and money spent collecting, processing, posting , depositing payments e-receipt mean you save on receipt book and human labor, You also save on listing cost. Your saving will range from 30% to 60% M-rent offers a very convenient and effective way of rent collection.

13.Will M-rent improve my business?
Yes! Having this service will be a marketable advantage over other competing properties and will help your business secure new tenants and retain existing tenants.

14.How long will it take to process my application?
M-rent begins processing your application the moment it is received. You should receive a call from our service representative within 24 hours.


Rent collection was always a hussle, calling tenant and make countless follow up, But since we started using MRENT.KE things are much easier for both Tenant and management. Allowing me more free time to prospect. MRENT.KE is the best way to go.

Anold Mugo

Landlord, GoldMut Group


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